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sabato 13 febbraio 2010

VINICIO DE BORTOLI, how do you control an Avatar

The film is set in 2154, on a called planet Pandora, very similar to the Earth for dimensions and forms of life.

A company interplanetary earthling, the RDA, wants to conquer this planet for his mining wealths, above all for a called particolareminerale Unobtainium, that produces strong magnetic fields and whose value of market is around the 20 million of the current currency to the kilo.

Pandora is covered by forests pluviali with tall trees up to three hundred meters and inhabited area from creatures of all the types, among which of the called sentient umanoidis Na'Vi, tall three meters and covered by a striped blue skin as the tigresses. The air on Pandora is not breathable from the human ones, so these have genetically developed a sort of hybrid among human and Na'Vi or the avatar.
In this way a human being can check an avatar connecting himself with a' mental Interface: the individual, after being him connected, it enters a sort of coma, and through this system he/she succeeds in using and to check the avatar as if it were his body, immedesimandosi completely with it. The earthlings, through the control of the avatar, they will infiltrate him in the population of the Na'Vis. With to spend some months the protagonist (Sam Worthington) it becomes empatico with the population invaded by the human ones more and more, and at the end she must choose from what it departs to be.

Curiosity of the system of control of the Avatar
Curiosity on Avatar and his sitema of control The system of control of the Avatar in the film is a kind of Mental Interface or a tool that he can be also a helmet endowed with sensory, that allows to check an any digital apparatus through the cerebral waves (computer and videogames the case of the film an Avatar).

A similar interface fantascientifica exists really, and he has been created by two Italian scientists the ing. Vinicio De Bortoli together with the prof. Ugo Licinio in 1984, and it consists in a system of control that decodes the cerebral waves.

In the film, the protagonist (Sam Worthington) is forced to live on a wheelchair, and he uses note of this Mental Interface to check the Avatar.

If you have not had the pleasure to see the film yet I recommend you the vision in 3D.
And if you want to know more of it I recommend you to visit the links that I have signalled the next one...;)

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